Friday , June 14 2024

Proviso for the survival of the country the conflict between the socialist government and the Socialist Party (PASOK) (by Giorgos Kontogiannis)

The situation in Greece now is a reminiscent of the situation in
the former USSR states immediately after the collapse of the Soviet
regime, in 1989.

Many states that had just escaped from
the “protection” of the erstwhile mighty Soviet Union were exposed to
the risks and the greed of the markets. Many countries back then, sought
the assistance of the West and fortunately for them nowadays have
begun- through many retractions – to find their way. Tens of technical
advisors from the West brought their knowledge not only in matters of
privatization, but also in issues including the functionality of

Today Greece is in a very similar position. It gets
out of the vicious cycle of decay and corruption, and is invited to
enter naked the field of realism and the relentless world of the
markets. And all that without any kind of protection. And as far the
functioning of democracy, in theory the country that gave birth to
democracy does not need advice but in terms of the functioning of the
market, the problems are huge. especially since the Socialist Party
(PASOK) from the one side is required to implement measures that are far
from its basic ideology and a Conservative Party (New Democracy N.D.)
seeking the power, often deliberately ignoring reality and opposing
constantly the government believing that in  this manner the electorate
will be seduced.

At this critical time the Europe partners – not
particularly selflessness, after all nothing is done selflessly in the
field of economy – embraces Greece offering protection; while Greece in
her misfortunes has had the good fortune to be the first eurozone
country among the many to face this kind of economic crisis. And since
our partners fear that the virus of the debt can turn infectious
spreading to other states with incalculable consequences for the Union’s
future, they took action in order to prevent the worst.

Papandreou – the Greek Prime Minister – told us of a historic decision,
Mr. Papoulias – the Greek President – said that Europe has finally woken
up, many overwhelmed exulted, but the reality lays in what Dora
Bakoyannis – chair of Democratic Alliance DESY – said that  the ball has
come now to our own court; that means that whatever action Europe could
have made to protect  us from the jungle of the markets, is done, from
now on it is up to us how we will implement the appropriate measures
necessary to get us out of the crisis.

The Memorandum of 2010 has
not been implemented even at a 50% level.  Our obligations, however,
for the newly received € 158 billion, have to be met in full.
this background we heard about committees and technical advisers,
particularly on issues of privatization, something that brings bitter
memories of the situation after 1989 with the countries of the former
real socialism. But the assignment of consultants practically recognizes
the failure of the Government and the general political system to
deliver a tough, yet necessary, program to exit the crisis.

If we
do not deal with the solution offered by the Europeans partners
negatively, in a few years we will recover and the next generation of
Greeks will not live under the fear of a dangerous loan.

Venizelos, – the Finance minister – already aware of the reality – due
to his position he has the full picture – said that “the bottom of the
debt’s barrel has been put.” And so it is. Given that we will not rip
again our own bottom the barrel and fall once more into the void.

Aleka Paparriga – Chair of the Greek Communist Party – unable to offer
something different, or admitting – from her own perspective – to some
extent the reality, spoke about a “provisional solution.”

the main opposition party, after 16 hours of its leader’s Antonis
Samaras, absolute silence mumbled something about the bond failure of
the government. But if the Government was successful there would not be
need to even reach the Memorandum of 2010. We would have found a
solution earlier… Now we are under the supervision and oversight of
the troika and we should move forward with this in mind. Not based on
what we want but what needs be done. Not with the ideal, but with the

Obligation of the Opposition – axiomatic or minor – in
such difficult times is to strengthen all efforts aimed to the secure
and shield the economic future of the country. It is its obligation to
take positions and make recommendations, realistic and feasible, which
are beyond the graceless role of sterile opposition. Because the
opposition party aspires to govern the same country. Not a different
one. And no political leader has so far aspired to rule over ruins.

the picture of the current New Democracy is unprecedented. The attempt
of some to hide their grief because Greece took a breath of life is
evident. But is the whole staff of the new New Democracy alike?
Definitely not. Then what do they do? Why don’t they react? Why don’t
they raise their stature to the devastating denial of the leading team?
What do they fear? And ultimately, how important it is to be a member or
officer in a party that does not suit you anymore? And how different
are those who remain silent for those living and fighting for the seat?

thing for certain is that while Europe urges Greece to make a titanic
effort to escape from the crisis, an effort the weight of which,
unfortunately up to now, is lifted mainly by the weak economic layers of
the society; and this should be rectified. This time the effort will be
undermined from within by strikes and social unrest which the
opposition party incites or tolerates. This is a tactic first taught by
the current Prime Minister when he was in the opposition and as the
people say “he reaped what he seed.”

The Greek government – this
timid and bad government which was indeed elected by the people – must
realize that there is no room for setbacks and should continue the
moratorium policy pursued so far. It is something that even the
President of Democracy boldly told the Prime Minister.

Papandreou has to understand that the Greek government should no longer
proceed with the scalpel in hand, but with the sword. And the first
thing to get rid off is the gangrene created by his own party, namely
the green party state. If you do not start from there every effort is
doomed to fail. How the ordinary citizens will accept the sacrifices
when they see that state and party nomenclature continues to enjoy the
benefits granted to them at times of the ‘fake’ prosperity?

if the Government can not escape from this gangrene, if it can not
collide with the viscera – like Mr. Papandreou himself acknowledged that
it should be – if it can not “bleed” and swiftly, then if the Prime
Minister loves his country, he must let this opportunity to another
government able of doing it. Probably to a government of national

In any case, Mr. Papandreou and Mr. Venizelos must
understand that condition for the  political survival of their
government is the collide with the parliamentary party that supports
them, their own Socialist Party as it has become after years of
corruption. If not, they must give up their seats to others who can,
because now we got to that point where there is no time for delays